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The term of a ‘digital operator’ or ‘digital technician’ is still a fairly new thing in commercial photography sets in Asia.

It is only in recent years that the Asian market started to catch up on the technical complexity and follow international standards of digital photography servicing, we saw that there was an increasing need for a dedicated professional to solely handle the vital photographic digital data on high level production sets.

Attic Digital is the first agency based in Singapore to provide such comprehensive digital capture service and solutions adopted from the European standards in workflow management. Our lead digital technicians are all Phase One Certified Professionals (POCP) and our reliable operating procedures is implemented effectively only through the combined experience of our collective team.

Whether it’s ensuring color accuracy or quick image editing, our highly trained digitechs are up for the task. Attic Digital is committed to delivering the best digital support to photographers and production agencies so that by working together, we can focus on capturing the best images for our clients on set.

Frequently Asked Questions


At Attic Digital, all our digitechs take pride in supporting an optimal workflow procedure that is based on the European standards of digital servicing. We also adhere to a strict maintenance protocol of our equipment so they are always dependable on set, letting the photographer and client to do their best work with a peace of mind.

The reason why our lead digitechs are so proficient is also because they are as tech-savvy as Phase One certified professionals much as they are highly experienced lighting assistant themselves. This enhances their ability to comprehend the complexity of a shoot and integrate all that info readily across a common digital platform, allowing effective communication between creatives on the spot. We strongly believe that value adds to our expertise as a skill set.

With a well-trained team and the right tools streamlined to your needs, we only aim to deliver efficiency for a smooth production that ultimately helps our clients save time and money.


Digital Operators (DO) or Digital Technicians (DT/Digitech) are part of the photography crew solely in charge of digital capture. They tend primarily to the computer workstation where they are always focused on ensuring the shoot is done swiftly, accurately at a consistent output. At the end of the day, it is also their duty to manage the organisation and exportation of sizable digital files for the ease of clients’ access.

As the field of photography evolves with technology, it is an increasingly vital role required on set to ensure all digital data is processed and backed up correctly for the next stage of production.

Can I hire one of your digital technician who can help to do the lighting as well on set or vice versa?

While the job of a digitech usually requires one to be constantly monitoring a stream of digital info on the computer, a lighting assistant needs to be proactively on standby under the critical directions of the photographer. The nature of their duties are not quite the same and can be hard for many to understand the technical and physical intensity to be executing the jobs of two persons concurrently on set.

There may be other photographer assistants who are willingly to do so at the expense of slowing down efficiency and even risking errors, but this is certainly not a practise at high level production sets nor for Attic Digital professionals. We respect the integrity and welfare of our digital technicians and asked of them to only focus on performing their best when being hired to do one job at a time, never both.

My photographer has his/her own equipment. Can I just hire one of your digital technician to use what we provide instead?

One of the key to assuring the highest quality of service that we promise is by solely providing wet hires where our digitechs are paired with our own calibrated equipment. Only so can our crew be relied on to perform with the latest licensed software and drivers compatible with our workflow standard on set. That is why our hires are made only available as a package.

Though under special requests, we may comply to using the equipment that you provide. Attic Digital will however still bring along the same setup stated in the package whether or not our equipment would be eventually used. There will be no changes to the fees and we assume no liability for any technical issues or production delays that may occur from using the hardware not supplied by us.

Do you provide a hard disk/drive to backup the photoshoot session?

Yes, we do have our own high-speed SSD (Solid State Drive) to backup the files, however we do not deliver it to our clients at the end of the day as that is for our own corporate use to backup the files safely onto our server. This is an exclusive storage service free of charge for a period of 60 days.

It is in fact an industry norm to have clients provide us a hard drive for your own copy instead. If you do need help on getting a performance hard drive for yourself, we can simply advise you on that or acquire one for you at an additional charge.

Can you work with Lightroom?

Unfortunately that is not recommended as Lightroom is not an industry standard and does not conform to our strict requirements for a reliable capturing software.


We’ve had the privilege to work with amazing clients some of whom are listed below, working to fulfill their specific digital capture requirements.


Amanacliq Singapore & Shanghai
Frame by Frame Asia
Enfoca Productions
Verb Represents
Anue Studio


Anna Gonzalez-Huix Miró, Alvin Tang, Alvelyn Alko, Boon, Charles Chua, Cheryl Dunn, Ching Lee, Christa Renee, Chris Sisarich, Darren Gabriel Leow, Elvina Milone, Geoff Ang, Jason Ierace, Kevin Yang, Lenne Chai, Michele Aboud, Mun Kong,  Nicky Loh, Rebecca Toh, Shawn Paul Tan, Sean Lee, Studio Ooze,  Suri Thoeng, Tim White, Troy Goodall


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